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Community Council

Annual General Meeting Monday 17th May 2021

Cardross Community Council

AGM 2021

Monday 17 May 2021 at 8.00 p.m.

Geilston Hall and Zoom

1. Welcome.

2. Present.

3. Apologies.

4. Declaration of Interest.

5. Police Report.

6. Minutes of AGM held on 20th June 2019 (to view pdf click here). No AGMs were held on 2018 and 2020 due to electoral changes and the covid pandemic.

7. Matters Arising.

8. Convenor’s Report.

9. Treasurer’s Report.

10. Election of Community Councillors.

Due to ongoing covid restrictions, Argyll and Bute Council have agreed the following:-

“2021 AGMs can take place on a remote basis or can otherwise be held by 31st December 2021, with an automatic approval for office bearers to retain positions held for 8 years or more without seeking approval from the Executive Director.”

11. Meetings for 2021 and 2022.

2021 - 17 May (AGM), 21 June, 16 Aug., 20 Sept., 18 Oct., 15 Nov.

2022 - 17 Jan., 21 Feb., 21 March, 25 April (AGM)

12. Any Other Competent Business.

13. Public Questions.

14. Date of Next Community Council Meeting - Monday 21 June 2021 at 8.00 pm.

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Our minister is the Reverend Margaret McArthur.

You can call her on 01389 849329

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